Geraci calls for an immediate halt in EU integration.

Geraci on CCTV Dialogue calls for a European Union to stick to economic cooperation only and to re-think grand plans for momentary and political integration. That is break up of the Euro. He also hopes that Angela Merkel loses elections next year. Today,Pope Francesco proclaimed the International Day of Peace and Geraci reminded CCTV audience that the life of an Italian, a German, a Chinese are all equally worthy regardless of religion, colour and nationalitynglish language.

Geraci: “If students don’t start learning from early ages, they won’t understand the world”

Geraci on CCTV Dialogue discusses the importance of enhancing mutual understanding of cultures in order to enhance China-EU relationship. He strongly emphasised the need for cross cultural learning to start at early age, high school or even earlier. Without such early exposure, university students fail to grasp the differences and the challenges. In other words, starting at University is too late.

President Xi is going to meet Modi during G20

The relationship between India and China is very sensitive. G20 will provide a platform for Xi and Modi to discuss about current issues. Contradiction between China and India is prominent. India worried about the cooperation between China and Pakistan, which is threatening the Kashmir controversy in India and Pakistan. China is concerned about military increasing cooperation between India and America. But China and India still have lots of common purposes in G20 in coping with structural reform, climate change, and anti-terrorism. G20 is still a great opportunity for two countries to discuss discrepancies.