Will China Eliminate Poverty by 2020?

These days, several reports on poverty have been made in China: 800 million poor people are less than in 1978, and the results of this are very proud.


The current goal is to eradicate poverty from the last 45 million people living below the minimum threshold, which is quantified in China by $ 1 a day and then $ 360 a year. The aim of the Chinese government, very ambitious, is to clear poverty by 2020 and as always, China has a plan to achieve its goals.


In this case, the plan is divided into 6 steps:

1)    identify who the poor are, what they are doing and how much they earn. Through a geographical mapping, identify where the population living below the poverty line is most concentrated;

2)    identify those responsible for this situation (headwinds, government officials …);

3)    what are the programs to implement to bring relief to this area of ​​the population;

4)    identify weaknesses in infrastructure, sustainable development of agricultural tourism;

5)    creation of solidarity groups;

6)    last step, analysis and verification of the achievement of goals.


The video analyzes these points: Let’s see together if the goals are reachable or not.

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