China and the new Green Alliance


China is shifting its attention to the green economy, but it is not new because this process started 3-4 years ago. The most interesting thing, in my humble opinion, is how, through the push towards the green economy, the party is trying to forge a new alliance with the people. Until yesterday the covenant was “We run the country and you make money freely”. Today, however, the new covenant is “We run the country, you will earn a little less, but in return we are dealing with cleaning up the environment because the problem has become truly unsustainable”


With what I call the new covenant, the government extends its legitimacy with Chinese citizens by masterfully replacing a lever that is weakening (that of GDP growth) with a new one. Considering the environmental conditions in which China finds itself today, this new alliance will have a long life. Product Innovation 101: China is run by people who know what they are doing!

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