Catalogna Independence? What about Messi?

Yesterday, I was on discussing on CCTV Dialogues the Catalogna’s referendum and the impact of such centrifugal forces on the stability of the European Union. The events in Catalogna have been divisive not only for the Catalonian and the Spanish, but also and more worrying amongst Catalonian themselves who sit on opposite side of the debate. In my view, separation will not occur mostly because of the disruptive effects it will have on the Liga, with Barҫa and Messi relegated to play with teams of local villages around Barcelona! On a less important economic note, the GDP of Catalogna is USD30,000 vs the Spain average of 25,000, a gap that is the result of Catalogna BEING part of Spain, having hosted the Olympics as a Spanish city, and hence the better standard of living should be a reason to stay, not to leave.


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