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Poverty alleviation: With three years to go, what has to be done?

After years of work, China is closing in on its goal of building a “moderately prosperous society” by 2020, with the baseline task of lifting people out of dire poverty. As of the end of last year, there were still 43.4 million people, about three percent of the population, living below China’s poverty line of 340 US dollars per year. With three years to go, will the goal be met? What has to be done?

Once again, I was a guest of CCTV’s “The Point” to discuss issues related to poverty alleviation. China is making a major media push in this area. More will surely follow.

On Poverty: None of us can truly rest

China Global Television Network (CGTN) in cooperation with South Africa Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) hosted for the first time a special program on poverty, with particular focus on the comparisons of poverty eradication between China and Africa. I was honored to be part of the panel, together with other four speakers, and hosts Liu Xin and Lian.

Trump-Xi: win-win or lose-lose?

In recent days, I pointed out how Trump’s visit in China has been a win-win for both countries and I expressed my concern for the marginal role that Europe may play in the future. However, during the weekend, the highly respected Bloomberg published an article where the author, unlike me, argued that Trump’s visit to China has been lose-lose outcome. I always find helpful and welcome people who can offer different views from mine. So let’s see, what are the arguments that Bloomberg puts forward against mine.

Trump-Xi: 250bn of commercial agreements as expected

At the end of Trump‘s visit to China, we start to see further details of the commercial agreements between China and the US. As already mentioned in previous posts, China and the US appear to try to re-balance the relationship focusing on the total of the Balance of Payments, Current Account and Capital Account.

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